How do I upload requested documents to the site?

Occasionally, we will need to ask for documents to verify information on your account. The most common reasons being if you have forgotten your security answers, have submitted a withdrawal request, or we need documentation to further verify your identity. We have recently changed our process for submitting those documents and you can now upload them directly to the site by following the directions below: 

1. To start please log into your account, you will then see a pop up that states you have a pending document request. To review that request please click the blue “click here” link shown below. 

2. In the menu of options at the top under "My Account" you will see a link that says “Identity Documents”, please click on that.

 3. It will scroll your page to the Identity Document section where you will see the type of request and a blue link to the right that says “Waiting for Upload”. Please click that to see additional details on the request.  Note: If we are requesting a copy of a credit card the last four digits of the card number we need will be listed there.

4. If you are ready to upload the document click “Browse”

5. Find the photo you wish to upload and click “Open”

Note: for credit or debit card photos we only need the last four digits of the account number, your name, and the expiration date. Redact all other digits of the card number. Please see the example below:

6. After you click "Open" that dialogue box will close and you will see the name of your photo next to the “Browse” button. After you confirm that is there please click “Upload”.


7. You will see the screen below that states it is uploading then after the successful upload of the photo, you will see the status has changed from “Waiting for Upload” to “In Review.” The payments team will be able to review the documents within 48 hours after they have been successfully uploaded!  

Please repeat this process for any requests you have on your account.

Live Chat Support E-mail support Phone: (855) 225-1006

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